Astrology february 10 eclipse

Lunar Eclipse – February 10 2017 – Astrology

During the month of February there is no Full Moon. With only the New Moon this month, there is a focus on a heart centered creative process and planting the seeds of new beginnings.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

The lunar eclipse on Friday 10 February is at 22 degrees Leo. The lunar eclipse February astrology is awesome, wonderful and. The February solar eclipse is just as happy and magical as the February 10 lunar eclipse. Acting in unison over coming months, this.

And as this is an eclipse, we are receiving a cosmic stirring that is meant to awaken us, creating inner shifts and outer changes that speed up our evolutionary growth. Aquarius is an air sign whose higher mental perspective goes far beyond what is known and considered to be the norm. Looking to the future, Aquarius breaks up those relied upon mental constructs through inspiration and innovation, creating fresh ideas, methods and structures.

Breaking the rules, Aquarius releases the outdated for the new and sets the stage for new paradigms.

Mars enters Scorpio

Make Love, not War. Or perhaps more to the point — the bridge we thought was there never really existed at all. With this eclipse landing in the zodiac sign of Leo, we can expect more palace intrigue and struggles than a season of The Crown. Magically Speaking this is an excellent time to work on some spells as the energy of the astral plane is impressively increased. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Moon Transits. You will want to talk about topics that interest you as well as the news of the day, in discussions, conversations, meetings and debates. Setting some boundaries will allow you to enjoy a sense of togetherness with loved ones.

How does this show up within us individually? Where some type of change or update would support our growing maturity and individuality and realign our outer world with who we have become…now. There are a number of other astrological influences that add nuance to the energy of this eclipse.

Simultaneously, an uprising of the masses Aquarius emboldened new political leaders to emerge and become the celebrities of Leo —including lioness Meghan Markle whose marriage to Prince Harry was a political statement unto itself. Politically motivated art and theater had a boon; SNL tracked world events with satiric precision throughout this eclipse series.


And it's little coincidence that this final Leo lunar eclipse marks the two-year anniversary of the Women's March on Washington, and worldwide that made history on January 21, as the largest single-day protest in U. So now what? On a global level the January 21, eclipse could herald a grand finale to some of the scandalous scenarios that have occupied headlines for the past two years. Will we finally get privy to more findings of the Muller probe? Learn the real deal on Russia? Or could it bring a crazy curveball that emboldens world leaders to make more permanent power grabs?

While we're hoping the latter is not the case, there is guaranteed to be some element of surprise involved with whatever is revealed this January 20th and 21st.

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On a personal level, this full wolf moon could send up a lupine howl, calling forth the leaders in us all. Where could we step up in our lives a and take on greater responsibility for the good of all? How can we use our style, charisma and influence to create a deeper sense of connection and social justice in our communities? In some cases, it might be as easy as hitting record on our mobile phones—to preach a message or to livestream a BBQ Becky's offenses. On a much sweeter level, this Leo lunar eclipse could usher in some early Valentine's Day vibes.

If an attraction has been aging like a fine wine over the past couple years, it's officially time for an "uncorking. Couples could tap into long-buried desire—even after having a good-old-fashioned "keep it real" argument that's been brewing for a longggg time. But hey! Makeup sex But at least the authenticity will be back.

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Waiting to take a well-deserved bow? This eclipse could send the most modest among us on a walk of fame. Post the Instagram, wage a PR campaign, make sure the world knows what you're capable of—and what you've already created while they were busy paying attention to someone else. If you've already had your fifteen minutes, this eclipse offers a prime opportunity to signal-boost an up-and-comer. What goes around comes around! Aries : Major romantic developments even an engagement or pregnancy or a burst of creative genius that could become profitable in Mars, your fiery governor is in your signs giving you extra energy to act and reach for your dreams especially when it comes to your romantic life.

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You libido wakes you up and pushes you to move forward and explore your dreams. Taurus: It seems that this energy makes you anxious as it forces you to do stuff you are probably not ready to. On the other hand lets be honest, you some times need a little push just as a kick-start.

eclipse – Kelly Surtees Astrology

It always seem difficult to start anew but once you do nothing can stop you. The energy of the Lunar Eclipse focuses on your Career and your Home.

Both areas need your attention and you should certainly expect major shifts. Gemini: Yes this is your time my dear. Your natural talent for communication is enhanced and thankfully it works miracles for you. This urge will help you understand more about yourself and achieve great things.

2017 Eclipse Charts

This is a wake up call. Dark times are behind you and this is the time to get yourself together and reach for a brighter tomorrow. This is the Light.

Eclipse Feb 15: Important Decisions Last a Lifetime

Cancer: Your financial situation seems to be at stake right now although there are no major unfortunate influences whatsoever. This probably means that its time for you to take action as far as income and expenses are concerned. For a long time you just let this be but now you have to act.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Write down how you spend your money and pay closer attention to any possible new sources of income! This Lunar Eclipse is focusing all her divine magic on you making you shine even more. All this energy though can become hard to handle and this is why you have to direct it in a productive and benevolent way rather than waste it. Make Love, not War. After all you are so inexplicably sexy right now that it will probably be hard for anyone to say no to you. Virgo: This powerful magic of the Lunar Eclipse is waking up you soul and your birth powers.

Write down your dreams and watch for signs. At the same time you have to be fully aware that secrets may not stay hidden. Try to cover your tracks better if you want to hide something. Be also careful of secret enemies. Libra: A very Lucky Full Moon — Lunar Eclipse for you guys especially when it comes to your social circles and your ability to charm and convince people around you.